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Monday, 24 January 2011

Day 3- Laskar Fida

I've posted this picture somewhere in my tumblr, I think blogger needs this picture too (zZz -,-)

Laskar Fida is a name of our group given by Randi (the one who's standing) in the beginning of our college year (berasa udah lama kuliah). Well, seven of us (the one in that picture above minus Bima) are the only Management students in our batch year who took International Class program. We stick together a lot especially in the first two semester when our schedules are different to those who are in regular class. Long story short, those boys made a joke that I'm actually a hoodlum and use scarf as a cover of what I really am and they created a story of how I rule Palembang. Randy once drew a picture of me (which the picture I never saw cause they threw it away) with muscles and tattoos all over my body. And since then, they name ourselves 'Laskar Fida' and they call me 'Ayuk', cause they chose me to be the 'head of the group' and that's the kinda respect I get (they said that). We've been through a lot; from a messed up schedule, group study, to failing a unit, and along the way we've lost a member too, Bima, who's accepted in STAN. These people and the rest of IC 2008 really put colors to my first years in college. College world's much better with them (cikiciw).

The one that's standing is Randi Sanjaya, the most laid back and ignorant guy when it comes to college stuff that I've ever met. And yet, he always managed to get GPA above 3. Me and Fidel think there's a fortune goddess clutching to him. He draws and sleep in classes, and not to forget his love for slow songs like, Quando Quando or Georgia by Michael Buble.

Next, the one who sits at the back on the left is Dimas Rahmatika. We call him 'Burn' since his skin has burn kinda thing color, haha. He plays Yoyo real good, I tell you. He belongs to this yoyo community and very quite among all of us. Now, he owns and manages a 'Mie ayam' business.

Next to Dimas is Abror Mubarak, we prefer calling him Ayok. What comes out his mouth is trash, he can mock you real bad and Randi is his partner. The most sensitive guy and has (or maybe used to have) this weird long-distance relationship. And oh, he takes care his sick grandmother a lot. He missed classes a lot just to take care his grandma (no kidding). He told me a story about how his grandparents met at war, his grandfather was an army and his grandmother was a nurse, well, you can figure out how they end right?

The one who sits in front is M. Ramadhi Utama, Madi for short. A skater and we call him a cutting edge boy (wii wii), a very calm young man and into British musics. I really adore him and his girlfriend, really (GR deh), they suit each other. what I don't like from him is the fact that he's the only smoker among us.

That's all. Well, that girl with long hair is Fidel. I've already wrote about her here.

Well, I manage to write something long, haha. Good night, earthlings!


  1. i always love your blog and your writing dang... so please keep it update, okay :D.. i wish you luck for 30 hari menulis :)

  2. heeey im doing the challenge to hahaha I wish us a good luck :)