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Thursday, 3 March 2011

Beauty and its contest

Me and friends of mine usually have this talk about us joining all the beauty pageants in Palembang, but we've come to a conclusion that 'this is not us'. I still don't get it how in a week or two of a quarantine you can crowned as 'queen' or 'king' and how only (most of the time) through singing, dancing, and acting you can pass the selection?

I know it's more than make-up on, walk, wave, answers and win. But I still don't believe with the 'beauty, brain, and behavior' that most of the beauty contests have. They still setting up a standard and put us into classes. If not, why do they still have those questions about your height and weight in the registration form? how come, the one that are in the semifinals or finals are those with long legs and ideal body weight? what happens to the ones that are not tall enough and oversize?

If beauty isn't judge by the size of your jeans and your height, should these people get into the spotlight too?

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