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Tuesday, 21 February 2006

hmm, i'm quite pisse off actually in the last period! i got 71% for my test!! well, i have to admit it that i didn't study (i never study) but the one that i'm really upset with is that, the person that asked me the answer got higher marks than me!! 1 asked 2 and me and 1 get higher marks!! well that's not fair!! T-T i didn't ask anyone! but 1 also did it by herself but 1 asked us what to do n stuff!! i'm not gonna tell anyone the answers and i'm trying to get the way to not to sit next to *** when we doing our tests! but well, stuffed it! i got over it alredy! i was just sooooo dispointed T-T, i didn't talk for like 15 mins after we got our marks, then when we discuss the last ques. I GOT FULL MARKS FOR THAT!! HAHHAHAHAHHAHA IN YOUR FACE!!! !! i'm so HAPPY *i didn't run around the whole school though*.

my science teacher told us why japanese are so smart!!! *FINALLY* last week she told us to guess, i said it's because they eat raw fish *no offence* which has more protein!! but i was wrong!! it's someting to do with the past! and i can't be bothered telling yous! so just do reasearch in google and type whatever you want!! i love listening to the stories!! they make me wanna sleep .lol.

anyway, i have to use my time wisely! i'm not gonna waste them **watever** ! my arabic teacher said im talking to much in his class!!* STUPID* and he said tania better than me!! i feel shouting at him "HELLO!!, SHE'S ARAB-INDONESIAN!! OF COURSE SHE KNOWS ARABIC MORE THAN ME! SHE EVEN SPEAKS ARABIC AT HOME"


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