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Tuesday, 11 April 2006

oh my moo

todayyy, we only did sose, yep as usual it was so hard!!! but science was harder. usually the first few pages are easy but this time i feel wanna cry TT it was sooooo hard...oh well i'm not gonna do good for my science and sose. if i got 60 i'll be happy. oh yeahh....i saw amir.. huheue..he was so cute...i kissed him so much times..i miss him sooo muchh huehuehue god..i pinch his cheeks so hard.. amir is the little boy who always come to our school for your information so please don't get me wrong. huehuehue... he got these bluish greenish eyes and has the biggest cheeks ever well actually adam is the biggest then come amir and the scratchiest is jamal..hahhaha jamal was screaming when he saw me and tania cuz we're the one that always pinch him...huahahah..... how i love cute babies..

ok enough of the cuteness...

nah continue later...

coming soon MY LIFE II lol

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