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Tuesday, 23 September 2008

lost in the jungle

I'm so lost right now. Arrived at campus 8.15 and went straight to the library. I didn't attend the Introduction to Microeconomics so did nothing for the first 30 mins. Then start doing assignment up to 11. How great? there's no use of posting what I did today no one cares to read it anyway. Oh well, it's my blog. I felt less empty than yesterday. Got to laugh my head off again with my greatest friends. I miss them like hell, we only got to meet each other once a week only for 30mins. But it worths it.

Supposed to do Introduction to Accounting 1 assignment but I got lost with 'utang' and 'piutang'. Inagurasi tanggal 18 October, I don't think I'm gonna show up.

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