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Friday, 1 May 2009


I told my dad about my idea of studying in Java. Yes, I probably going to take SNMPTN (national university enterance test) this year. But my dad didn't really like the idea. Cause, I'm going to take the same course I took last year: management. Last year, out of 3 choices of univeristies I got to chose, I picked Unsri for all the choices. lol. Now, I found out that Unsri is not really a great place to study for me. I don't feel comfortable. I'm thinking of studying in Undip, but I don't know. I'm not gonna join any classes to prepare for this SNMPTN. I study alone. haha. I'm not hoping too much on this. If I don't pass, that's okay. I pray for the best.

and, something's wrong with my layout. It won't shows up. Crap.

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  1. fidfid, try your best! i might go to indo at the end of the year so you'll be closer to me. =D but i'm sure your dad's hesitating because he's going to be so distant from his first-born, little girl. =D naaww.