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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Crash and Burn

Hello there fellow blog readers
My reunion with my junior high friends was totally screwed up. Turned out only 6 people came: me, bunga, billi, wira, naufal, and ummu. The worst part was when naufal and ummu got transformer tickets and we didn't. They bought it earlier. So I ended up with buying dvds with bunga. I got: HP Order of Phoenix, Baby and me, Secret, and My lovely Sam Soon (My name is Sam Soon). Turns out that HP is the only english movie I bought, the rest are Asian drama and movie. I'm having one of those asian drama fever. I totally love the settings, clothes, and casts.

God. He isn't that handsome, but I love the dimples (?). He's one of the casts in My lovely Sam Soon. Now, my blog is spammed by korean actor.

What are you doing for this holiday?
Me? IELTS. I know, they don't have the institution here in Palembang. I learn it by myself. Later, when I finished college then I'll take the course. That was my dad's plan actually. Very thoughtful huh? I love learning languages. College starts on 31st of August. So I plan to excel something during this holiday. But I don't know what.


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  1. naw, thats too bad but look at the bright side. you thot no one would show! at least 6 did, id say thats not too bad. hope you had a little bit of fun, the very least! ^^