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Friday, 30 April 2010

Freshly new

Previous blog address doesn't suit me anymore, so I go with something more personal as the 'url' which is my own name. More personal, hopefully will update more often. I imported all the archives from my previous blogs since 2006. And as you can see, there's missing archives, 2005 and 2007 archives are gone cause I stupidly deleted them -.-" I leave you with my doodles.

I made this one in 2008. It was meant to be a call-out that has 'dream' saying on it, but one of my friends said it looks like a head so I added some kinda punk hair on it.

This one is Susan.
"Know what's the suckiest feeling right now? The most uncomfortable situation? is when you try to convince people who are worried about you that you're alright when deep down, you know that you're not"- Susan.

They aren't great, but I love making one. I'll be uploading one soon along with my updates.


  1. do you remember dang you ever have promised to me that you gonna make it one of your hand-made-art-paint.. btw, what its supposedly called?
    and u'r not keep that promise yet.. so, how is dang?
    i am gonna pay ur drink at lunch if you wanna make some of it for me..

  2. Keep. Uploading. That. Kinda. Artwork. Fidaaa !!! :D I dont know you can doodle too, and it's good. It's cool! :]

    Do you have deviantart ?

    Well, moving from the old blog is a common thing to do actually, so it's ok if you can handle it ;]

  3. @ nisa: yes i do remember. i'll give you one soon.
    @ sara: thank you. I dont have deviantart. :D