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Saturday, 29 May 2010

This is what I think about life:

This life is ours, do what you want to do; not to impress nor to hurt people but do what you think is right. And that's good enough. If your actions impress people, then it's a bonus, if it hurts them then, change (that if you want to change). Just try hard not to hurt people and understand more.

Hidup itu hanya tempat singgah. Tuhan memberi kita waktu untuk mengambil sebanyak mungkin bekal yang bisa kita ambil untuk kehidupan yang kekal. Waktu yang diberi Tuhan bisa sebentar bisa lama, sekarang kembali ke manusianya itu sendiri, apakah dia akan berleha-leha atau dia akan mengumpulkan bekal sebanyak mungkin.

I don't know, maybe the sentences don't relate to one another and my grammar sucks but I feel like writing them. Thank you for reading.

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