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Thursday, 27 May 2010

"..But now it's all gone"

- Whatever (1994), Oasis

I'm free to be whatever I
Whatever I choose
And I'll sing the blues if I want

I'm free to say whatever I
Whatever I like
If it's wrong or right it's alright
In case you’re wondering where I have been and how I’m doing, I am here and I’m doing well. Tumblr gets me; tracking down Oasis and the Gallagher brothers and checking out some cool stuffs. Speaking about Oasis, I’m quite a fan. It was 2005 when I felt in love with their songs started to download their songs. Too bad they split up. I remember telling my dad that if I had money I’d go to England and watch Oasis and Coldplay concerts. But hey, no more Oasis. Rumor has it that Liam starting a new band, but to me, nothing beats Oasis and the two Gallaghers. I want them to back, don't you?


  1. of course you love them, cause this song, it's just same like you dang..

  2. oh, dont forget about the beatles. unfortunately, two of them are... dead :(