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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Another conversation

I had a conversation with a good friend, when she asked me a question: whether we are ruining our lives by studying in the field that doesn’t suit us.

Well, both of us feel that the field we study doesn’t suit us, she’s in accounting and I’m in management. We both agree that economic development is way interesting and more ‘us’.

Anyway, to react to that question, I had no answer to that. I said to her that I actually had never thought of that, I never regret choosing this major. I know management doesn’t really suit me, but it’s not principal if you know what I mean. I have a ‘turn-around’ strategy; I won’t study in any science faculty, like engineer, computer science, or pharmacy except medical. And if I can’t get in to that faculty, I’ll be in the faculty that is 100% different to the meds faculty which I think, is economy. So, I chose to be in management. There’s no regret, in fact, I’m grateful to be here though once in while I’m still imagining me being meds student, ha.

If you feel you’re ruining it, and then you have to change, it all depends to us.

Remember our bus conversation, Nisa?

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  1. ya..ya..i've my quality conversation that time with you..

    you're right. i should said thanks to Allah who give me chance to feel university air..

    so how's our project, you have to follow up that ideas..i love to fill a spare space..