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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Another paragraphs about the L word

Most people, include ourselves, are blinded by love and hatred most of the time. We choose relationship over friendship, relationship over college work, relationship over our future, just because of love. We let ourselves being tamed by some unreasonable rules our partners made and our time are wasted on making sure what we’re doing is right to them. We’re being a prisoner. I’m not writing bull, I write based on what I see every day from everyone near me. It’s okay to be in love, it’s normal. But when your relationship doesn’t seem logical to people around you, you got to think.

And people may have all these opinions on what’s love and hate really is, but to me, love and hate are the same. Love is when all is good and hate is when all is hell, different condition, different word. It depends on people perspectives. Blergh.

* I'm not offending anyone, this is just a late night post.


  1. yes, love's not supposed to be blind righhhht :)

  2. this is so true. love makes everything seems 'reasonable' to do, while actually, it is not.

    love eats our sanity.
    but however, we need it too :-)

  3. @ tara: yes!! I know right? :)
    @ AJ: i am so agree with you :)

  4. You know, love is a forever enemy for logic.
    Anyway, nice to meet you, Ms.Fida.

    Visit my blog if you have spare time.