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Sunday, 17 October 2010

Love song for no one

Well, since I've been listening to his album- Room for Squares all day long, I guess I post his picture here, besides, yesterday was his 33rd birthday. So, happy belated birthday John Clayton Mayer! thank you for making great musics.

How are you? I'm okay. Mid exams, assignments, application form get me busy plus having broken laptop and computer at home making me hard to post an update. But, that way, it helps me mingle with the offline life.


Anyway, I love observing people and surroundings me. In year 11, I always sit near the window in the morning and observe people in or outside the school. My class was in the third floor so the views were perfect, the traffic jams, school kids running in, the policemen, everything. In year 12, I barely observe anymore cause my class is right in the corner of the first floor and you cannot see anything except a quite car park.

Now, when I'm a college student, I love to sit on the lecturer chair before the class starts and just observe around. My friends expressions are very natural, they don't know if they were being observed and I wish I can record the atmosphere.

Ahh, I really amaze how eyes work, they're like living camera to me. What are they to you?

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  1. the most organ i don't want to lose or broken. :)