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Thursday, 16 September 2010

We are young and we act fool

This post is requested by Endah, you don't have to read this though, this is just a very lame rant.

Yesterday, I spent the whole day in PIM (Palembang Indah Mall) with Endah, Randi dan Ayok, but mostly with Endah. Four of us decided to watch Killers and we got the 3 PM tickets thanks to Ayok for being late. Speaking about the movie, it was my second time watching it and I made them pay for me haha, I mean, watching Aston Kutcher topless is very fine with me. Me and Endah couldn't stop talking on how georgeous he is when he's topless, okay stop the non-sense.

While we were waiting for the movie to start, we comment on everybody who walk passed us especially about how girls these days don't act as their age and how couple act. And the highlight of the day is when we spotted a cute guy in cinema, this is how it happened:

Cute guy's walking from the right side of us
Endah: Ya Allah Ran, ganteng nian cowok itu (omg. that guy's cute)
Me: Iyo ndah, ganteng nian (yes, he's cute)
4 of us staring at him while me and Endah snickering
Cute guy's looking at us, and for of us FREEZE!
he walked off.

OMG, you should be there when we froze. We were scattered! Endah looked straight, I looked my right way and 2 of them God knows how they looked. But man, he was sure cute.

It was so fun being free!

1 comment:

  1. ahahhahhahhahhhaa..
    maluuu ny yug ndah smo si ganteng.
    smpaahhhh nk ngliat muko lurus ndah kmrn.
    itu dy muko yg paling lolo stlah ngliat cwo gnteng.ahahhahahhahaha.

    *skrg memutuskan u/ sbagai pnikmat semata. :)