So I decided to start writing letters, to anyone...

Sometimes Susan, Roselin, or Erie writes but most of the time, it's Fida. mail

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Day 5- Roselin

Remember Roselin? No? Yes? Never mind. She's back.

I’m dangling, but you don’t know.
I sacrifice so much and you don’t know.
I’m on sale, you give me a glance.
Believing we are the two molecules that
Are waiting to collide.
Well, my belief is fading.
We are the two of a kind, they said.
Like a magnet,
When north meets north,
They’re opposing each other.
And I don’t believe that.
You’re slow, just take your time.
I’m no good in waiting but I do still wait.
I guess, I’m a stuborn.
Eventhough it’s fading, I still believe
we are the molecules that are waiting to collide.
And right now, we just lost our ways.

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