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Monday, 31 January 2011

Day 9- The Invasion of Colonel Sanders


Who in the world doesn’t know who Colonel Sanders is? Yes, a grandfather whose face is framed in front of a fried chicken outlet. Erm, the one that from a state called Kentucky. You know him right?

Well, his troops have been invading Palembang with the opening of his 2 new outlets in very strategic place. Before the opening of these 2 outlets, Palembang already have, as I know, 4 outlets. The difference between these 4 outlets and the new 2 is in the building itself. The new buildings were built alone, the other 4 were join-built with other shops and food outlets. It just seems exclusive. And as we probably already know, when it comes to ‘something new’ and ‘something American’, the place is usually very crowded. Everybody seems wants to eat there. I don’t really know what the reason is, is the taste of the same fried chicken differs when the place is new? Perhaps. Typical Indonesian habit.

It’s the prestige, I get it. But c’mon? We should free our minds from being consumptive on foreign products. We’re being used after all.

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