So I decided to start writing letters, to anyone...

Sometimes Susan, Roselin, or Erie writes but most of the time, it's Fida. mail

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Susan's third letter

Dear You,
We've finally come in to contact and we've been exchanging words for months now, I'm the happiest person on earth, I tell you. But then, you got me asking, what's next? After all those words, what's next? It'll be a lie if I say I don't have any expectations (cause I got a lot) but I try to be calm, I prepare myself for the worst that can happen; a crash landing. Well, stuff that, I don't think you got a slight idea of what's next either. Let's just be in the flow together.

Dear You,
You've probably already knew that I love stories. And to tell you the truth, I've been keeping these stories to myself all this time. Waiting for the right person to listen to all of them and I want it to be you. I guess I can start by telling you my dream last night. Last night I dream, I was in East and Middle Java and I was running. In my dream, I was going to go to Jogjakarta but stop at those two provinces. I was running as I discover the beauty of those places. I don't know what that mean, but I've always wanted to go to those places after I finish high school but I was never allowed. The places were beautiful.

Dear You,
I guess I haven't ask how you doing, I'm too excited in telling my stories, hehe. So how are you? I know you're perfectly fine and doing good but you can tell me how you feeling, I want to hear your stories. We can always share, remember?

Dear You,
I hate to end this letter but I have to. I hope you are out there, reading this, and realize that this actually about you.


p.s. please learn how to read between the lines...

Susan's first and second letter.

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