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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Time machine

There's a moment where you want to leave but people force you to stay.

I know, they want what's best for me, but I learn my mistake. I couldn't make everybody happy with my decision. I'm still scared to see their disappointing faces when the time is come.

'Leave' for me is the easiest thing to do, yes, I might sound like a coward but it is the best solution. 'Leave' to me, is finishing all my responsibilities that I don't have the connection with that party anymore, start all over again; if we were a microsoft word, I'm thinking about creating 'a new blank page'.

My problem is comfort. I put comfort first in everything I do/wear. When I don't feel comfortable with people/things around me, I leave. My adaption did not success, I've been through a process and I try to adapt but I still don't feel comfortable. Now, is it my fault if I want to leave?

This is why I want to have that Harry Potter cloth, I can just hide when I'm in doubt and watch the world goes by. Oh yes, I'm a coward.

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