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Thursday, 22 December 2011

Letter to my children #1

Dear children,

This is your mother writing –typing- a letter for you to read sometime in the future, to know what’s your mother life back then in 2011. I am still 20 years old right now and will turn 21 in 2 months. I’m writing this not because I will be having you soon (read: pregnant) – no, I don’t even know who your father will be- I write because I’m scared that I’d forget things I want to tell you. I don’t know.

I am in my last year of college and hopefully I can graduate next year. I am hell scared to tell you the truth. Scared of what kinda job I’ll get, what kinda life I’ll live. Yes, I think way too much and way ahead and you shouldn’t follow me. You should think about your future but don’t let it ruin your mood to enjoy the present.

Dear children,

Mom is currently listening to Coldplay’s newest album, Mylo Xyloto, you should listen to their songs. They are an English band. I don’t know if they still exist in your time but they should, they are my favorite band. I told your grandpa once that if I have money I’d come to watch their concert, hopefully I’ll make it soon. This song called Paradise is playing, oh, you should see the video clip, and it’s very cute. Remind me to give you their albums to you. Their music is beautiful and you should learn how to play instruments, at least one. Your mother only knows how to play Ibu Kartini song, only five notes (well okay, it’s not even classified as ‘playing’).

Dear children,

Sometime you’ll feel that life’s not fair, that you’ve worked hard to achieve something but you don’t get it while there’s someone out there, effortless, achieve it easily. Trust me, there’s always reason for something that happens, you just have to wait and see, though being patience is not easy I’m sure you can. So, I’ll tell you what your grandpa always tell me; to work hard and pray harder, and to be grateful of what you have, so that you’ll get what you deserve.

Anyway, it’s getting late, I promise, I’ll write and tell you some more but right now, you should finish your homework then go to sleep.



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