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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Running through 2011

I don't quite remember what my 2011 resolutions were but I remember telling them to Endah through Yahoo Messenger on new year eve. I only remember that two of them were to gain money and expand my network. And hey, it happened this year. Maybe I should thank local government for bringing SEA Games to Palembang that they gave me job? maybe. But because of them, I met hundred people across the globe; from the very east of Asia to our closest neighbor. I worked with different people from 3 different countries in less than 6 months; I worked with the chatty Iranian, friendly Singaporean and funny Burmese. I've made new friends, gotten to know many people, and have seen how complicated our country is. But they are all made a story worth telling.

I've gambled about my feelings, have told the truth, taken chances, ruined my GPA, gotten high, felt disappointed. I've tasted it all. And I'd like to regret things I've done but I remember it was things that I wanted to do at one point of my life. But it was all worth it. Above it all, the year is ended with my research proposal got accepted (though with revision), yay!

Desi Anwar once tweeted, "Don't forget about your future. Just tidy your room, get your work done, do some exercise, take up a hobby. You'll do fine." And I think that's how I'm gonna live my 2012.

I hope this is not too late for a new year post.

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