So I decided to start writing letters, to anyone...

Sometimes Susan, Roselin, or Erie writes but most of the time, it's Fida. mail

Tuesday, 28 February 2006

i'm just so angry!! i have homeworks and assignments undone! i'm angry at the programs!! thye give us assignments in one go! first, my religion assignment due next week and i haven't done it yet. second, my english assignment due this friday and i haven't done the poster and i don't know what am i going to write in that poster. and third, sose assignment, she wants to see what have we done so far, tomorrow and i haven't done anything!! and also i have homework that due tomorrow, first the poem thingy, science hw, and the draft for my essay!! LIFE'S ROUGH ALL OVER PEOPLE!! SO DON"T DRINK AND DRIVE!! LOL!!

i got 74% for my science test! i always got 70's!! we got told off today cuz we stayed in the class during recess since the beginning of yr 10!! i don't know! why can't they treat us like adults??? the bus came so early cuz we have loads of kids now!! right, so i have to wake up earlier and miss mew mew power!! hueheu ^^

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