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Monday, 27 February 2006

just a quick update...hows my new layout? better than before hey? aniwei..i havent done any of my assignments that due in this week!! oh god, tomorrow we have arabic!! i'm gonna copy tania's work for the translation!! we trading though! i told her the answers for maths and she let me copy her arabic!! XD we gonna have "poem competition" how am i going to do it?? i can't even write a poem!! but at least i try! mrs.s told us to give her a lil message from her site! butta i'm too lazy!

yesterday went to lincraft to buy the stuff for my poster, the stock nearly finish!! ooohhhh.. i bought nectarines yesterday but they all so hard to bite, i think they still young!! ah stupid!! how am i gonna survive!! they kill me slowly with the assignments!!

*happy bday ai XD

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