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Saturday, 25 February 2006

oh gosh, we had another science test today!and i didn't study, i was supposed to be study after subuh but then i went back to sleep! it was hard for me, it was only 3 questions butta yea i only know the answer for number one and the rest i guessed! there was one question that asking about biodiversity and stuff but i ended up with giving the answer about extinction! guess, gonna get low mark again!! there's poem competition coming up! i can't be bothered writing a poem while there are a lot of assignments and homewrok behind my head! last period, we meant to have a art class but the teacher gathered all high skool girls in yr8 class to discuss about the swimming lesson thingy! i was so disgusted with some attitudes of some people!! let just not talk about it!!

happy.angry.exhausted.blend together!

Sie können nicht, glücklich ich war, als ich Sie sah! gut ich nicht wirklich Säge Sie, aber ich, Sie zu kennen war dort. ich weiß, daß es falsch ist! helfen Sie mir bitte, über es zu vergessen

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