So I decided to start writing letters, to anyone...

Sometimes Susan, Roselin, or Erie writes but most of the time, it's Fida. mail

Tuesday, 7 March 2006

i'm so...urmm i don't know! but it kinda nervous, scared?? it mixed!! oia..worry!! it cuz of my assignment it deadline is tomorrow and i just finished it now. and i think it crap ahh..nvm. we meant to make 10 questions and answer it by doing some research then we have to write a not of half page each question! the problem is, my note is not even reach half of page!! tania just sms me, she told me that she wrote 5 pgs and still not finish!! argghh..i know that's my fault, i got weeks to do it and i only did it one day before it due and it's long weekend!! i can just finish it butta i spend my time doing layout and some other stuff instead!! oohh..i REGRET i thought i can finish it in one day but..nah.. i havent finish my english and science homework!! and we got debate and english test tomorrow and i haven't prepare for it yet..ohh i'm dead -.-

don't you think it's stupid crying because of the story of a novel?? *sorry siti!! well, may be if you are a book worm or novels lover you disagree with me!! but, c'mon!! it's only a novel and it just a story and it might be true!! yea, i have to admit it that the story that i read, stuck in my head for 3 days and that's the longest effect that i've experienced!! i read the outsiders..and it sooo touched!!! huehauehua..yesterday siti sms me:

siti: Fida i'm crying like hell now!! i'm so sad!!

i thought there's something going on about her!! and i replied, it was so was like hours after she sms me..

Me: Wassup?? sori juz replied! tell me?
siti: Da story, it so sad!!

and i was like WATTT??!! oh God, it only a novel!!! arrgghh

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