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Thursday, 9 March 2006


paan seh?

tujuan ke sklh cuman satu!!! yaitu BELAJAR, nyari ilmu!! tapi skrg saia udh fed up!! klo stiap kali k' sklh nyiksa diri!! jadi, ngapain ke sklh?? pa lagi byk yg carmuk!!tmbh what a heck???


*bad mood mode off*

i lost my usb lid 3 times in a row!! thank god i found it again o_x hvn't finish my religion assignment which is due tommorow! well, at least i've started it! blablabla..i can't go swimming on friday, man...time goes so fast!! it's nearly friday!! cihuyyy...last monday was public holiday!! yaiks....i missed arabic!! huahahuaauhau *evil laugh!!* .... What a beauty!! the electricity in the skool is so slow, sumtymes it turn off by it self..ckckck....they need to repair it!! ooohhh... what a misery!! we got assignment on drama to do, another assignment from sose which is coming up!! and exams!! *enjoyfida, enjoyfida, enjoyfida!*

kepengen ikut students exchange...tapi dah lewat gr" umur saia wkt itu blm 15 thn....klo ikut stdnts xchange harus jadi citizen dulu g yah?? watever...

don't you know that placenta from mothers tummy where we used to sleep in *b4 we born*! some people eat it!! gross...they make it into pills and stuff!! it can makes you young and pretty!! huhuehaua..i just found it out today!! you know me!! always faaarrr behind!! iurvescience... it's'll find amazing thiiing....

what course should i pick in yr 11?? what kinda job should i pick?? doctor?? *toolong* teacher? *please!!* accountant?? *toolazytocount*


i wish i was a pre-primary kid!!

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