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Thursday, 16 March 2006

wasn't meant to fail...

today, only 3 ppl came!! can you believe that!! 50% of the class was was so awkward only 3 ppl in d' class....tommorow going 4 swimming first tyme having swimming lesson!! lol...a bit nervous actually!! wooohhooo....commonwealth games just started..*so not important* aniwei, we got this weird girl in d' skool...i better not tell you about that..

was waiting for ala in msn but she didnt come out from her*WHERE ARE YOU, MAN??*

for science test thingy, i got 83% ohhh yeahhh \m/ FOR THE FIRST TIME PEOPLE!!! i was so scared when i came to skool cuz i didn't study at all...i meant to study the night b4 but i got short fever so i can't study..i threw up!! i supposed to be study in the bus, but i talked instead of studying!! me, ct n bj were lyke if we fail, we fail together and thanx god...first period, we got free time as in the teacher was i got time to study and i managed to study during recess n bj passed d' test!! alhammdulillah...

somehow, i remembered alex lloyd song- wasn't meant to fail... put "i still" in my head!!

i didn't do any of my reaserch assignments...*stupid*

"mankind has been responsible to change the natural environment to satisfy their needs and wants".
THAT IS SO ME!! lol...nah, that was d' topic for my assignment!!

i'm having this kinda syndrome that tell me to staring in front of the computer and being unsocialised

*are you a smoker?

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