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Friday, 17 March 2006

go thornlie

i went for swimming lesson todae, it was fun though. when we were going to the swimming pool, the door was closed and it seemed locked. but when husna tryed to open it..i opened and we saw this guy that only wore short, well i think he just finished swimming..huehuehe..thank god i didn't stand right in front of the door, i only saw a figure with short and it was wet..hueheu..i guess i dun hev to describe the detail of you blog is g rated!! lol

random...i was bugging siti on msn..huehue

[EDIT] delete [\EDIT]

then the chat was go on..and until now she didn't reply

after swimming we got basketball game thingy thornlie vs kewdale and ..yihhaa thornlie won...though i didn't play, i didn't bring my shoes with me i was wearing thongs!

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