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Monday, 11 August 2008


yapp! benar sekali BOSEN! hampir seminggu dirmh g kmn2 kayak orang bego ternyata membosankan juga :'( anak2 pd sibuk daftar ulang, kenapa juga daftar ulangny beda hari! arggh.
Hari ini, janjiny mw jalan sm dhea, aang & naya tp aang sm nanyny g bisa yaaaudhh di ganti hari. Takutny nnti g ktemu lagi TT ktemunya paling2 pas lebaran! hhhaaaaaaa TT

Anw, nothing happen recently except i'm in love with 3 ads:

1. Close Up, the girl who's blowing the balloon. I love the back sound music.
2. Hexos, the dude who's having dinner with his gf parents. This ad's killing me. It's so hilarious :D
3. Sony ericsson, the one with people take picture and they get into the camera stuff. I'm loving the back sound music of this ad.

ahhh nothing to post. This is such a lame post.

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