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Sunday, 14 September 2008


A: Semua tergantung nasib...
B: Usaha pertama, nasib kedua

So right!

My parents force me to take an International Class! meaning I have to go to campus every friday and saturday. Damn it! And, I don't feel as comfortable as I am in regular class ><"

So my schedule:
Monday to Thursday: Inderalaya
Friday to Saturday: Bukit

NO HOLIDAY!! if i take the regular class, I am free for 3 days; friday, saturday and sunday. I want to be in the IC but if the schedule is like this? hell no. I'm really bad in adapting with new environment, it's gonna take me like 6 months to adapt. While everybody already found their besties, I'm still adapting. How great?

I belong to minority, so?

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