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Thursday, 19 February 2009

just getting older

It's nine o'clock
I'm getting tired
I'm sick of all my records
And the clothes I bought today
Am I cracking up
Or just getting older?

Staying in
I can't be bothered
Making conversation
With the friends that I don't know
Am I cracking up
Or just getting older?

And I bet that this is how life
Turns out when you're finally grown
And you know if this my life
Sit around all day on my own

I'm halfway up to the bottom
Of another bottle
Of my next best favourite friend
Am I cracking up
Or just getting older?

You're not cracking up
You're just getting older
We're not cracking up
We're just getting older

Just getting older- Oasis


I just turn 18 today, getting older heh?
My birthday is alright, everybody in the house are busy preparing for my cousin's wedding tomorrow and they kinda forget about my birthday. Which is okay, celebrating birthdays isn't our family tradition you know. I don't go to campus today, which make my birthday become lamer. Haha. But I'm happy, everybody send me this funny wishes like, "hope you loose weight this year" or "I pray that you're gonna be slaysolay's girlfriend" Haha. They always know how to put a smile on my face :)

Thank you for all the birthday wishes guys! They really made my day.
I'm an adult now, lol.


  1. happy belated bithday! :)
    aah the same day with my brother's. :D

  2. happy belated b'day :)
    terimakasih sudah dilink :)
    salam kenal Fida, nanti saya link balik :)