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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Let's watch the flower grows

Do you have other purposes of going to campus or school beside seeking knowledge? Do you know what I mean? You know how we have purposes of doing something. We have intention. Something like, when you go to school you're gonna get money from your parents. Something that makes you exciting when you do something. It's like when you really lazy to wake up in the morning to go to school, you forced yourself but you failed but then by thinking one of your 'purposes' you kinda get this positive energy strike over you that makes you go to school. You know? Something that moves you?

Whatever. I know you still don't understand.

Hmph. This afternoon, me and my friends were running after person by person to take care of our Pengantar Aplikasi Komputer (Introduction to Applied Computer?) since our schedule was messed up. But, we couldn't find the person. So we ended up sitting in the couch talking and laughing (mostly). And I felt like I wanna to stay in that couch forever. Cause by sitting, talking and laughing in that couch I feel good about myself and on top of it all, it makes me forget that I just lost one of my 'exciting purpose' of going to campus every morning.


  1. lol, i kinda get what you mean. one of my secret purposes: see charles. sshh! =P

  2. yeah.
    me too. sometimes that 'purposes' inspire us to keep going.
    lol :D