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Wednesday, 3 June 2009

ikhlas anda halal bagi kami

Gahh, pengamen (pengantar manajemen slash intro to management) was freaking hard. I never predict my lecturer would ask such questions. damn it. I got 2 free days! how wonderful.

I'm bored. I save some of my posts as drafts I don't know when I'll post them. Anw, today's route: layo- PIM- rumah HAHA typical huh? Now, I'm sick of pizza hut. I wanna post some our photobox pictures, but I can't be bothered scanning it. So I'll leave you with my international class picture. LOL. You can see the rest in my facebook. I'm with the humongous 'F'.

photoshop action from

p.s. as for the title, I quoted this 'pengamen' kid on the bus. lol. I can't stop laughing when he said it. Don't know why.

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