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Tuesday, 26 May 2009


This post suppose to be for yesterday post, but I was too tired to post so yeah. I hope they read this. Sorry.

Monday, 25th May 2009. 10.00 pm

I'm sorry for being so expressive, I'm sorry for being childish. Trust me, I get mad as easy as I lay back. But this is the problem people, I trust you guys but you stabbed me in the back. Okay, may be it's too exaggerate by using 'stab in the back' to describe what happened, and I believe some of you didn't noice that you've hurt me. I'm sorry for being such a cry baby. Because, this morning, I've written stuff about you guys and am going to post it. I wrote how I'm happy to be around you, how friendly and how wonderful to have you guys around. But, it's like you betrayed me.

May be it's only a small matter, but it's big in my eyes. I trust people easily and I disturst them easily too. I realized that I'm childish. But do you know that when I get mad/ angry, I cry? Well I'm sorry. You guys are great people and I am very happy to have you guys around. But this is the second time. Okay, may be not really the first time but I feel cheated on.

I'm sorry.


Okay, so from yesterday till this wednesday, I have Macroeconomics class till 09.00 pm. Why? because our meetings is less than 14 times of meetings, and the requirement to take the final semester is the student, at least, attend 14 meetings. Don't blame us. Blame the lecturer. I am very tired indeed. We all are. But thank goodness, I don't have to go to Inderalaya today. But tomorrow is one-day killing machine (wth?), I'm gonna be in Inderalaya from morning till afternoon and in Bukit till night. OMG! 12 hours of studying nonstop! Zzz

Today's prayer: Oh God, I only ask for easy mid semester questions and strength to get me through the day (and night. lol)

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