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Thursday, 30 July 2009

changes and plans

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Man, do I love changing layout?
Trust me, it's better than changing 'url'. I've been blogging four like 4 years now? and I've changed blogs for like erm countless. I used to move everywhere from blogger to wordpress to and then get hosted. I've tried everything. But I come back to blogger. Trust me, this is the longest I've ever stayed in one blog. It nearly reaches 45 posts! woo hoo! Usually when it reaches 20 posts I move blog but this time, I think I should stop considering my age. lol. You can see my links, it never reaches up to 20 links cause when I move, I never really tell my link friends to relink me.

I read this blog's archieves and I found out I've got many plans since the beginning of the year, but then nothing really change in my life. For example, I planned to take another SNMPTN (University entrance test), I didn't do it. Why? cause I'm too lazy to study besides nobody supports me. damn it. And I planned to get back on blogskins, I didn't do it. Why? I don't have time. sht. Don't you know that when you said I don't have time it means you're lazy. Yes, I am lazy. I planned to loose weight, but I gain some instead. Very well then, I am a sucker. But then, I have another plan and it's still on progress, we'll see in the next 3 to 4 years.

O yeah, maybe some of you have already known, there's a film called '2012' or doomsday they said, about how earth and other planets destroyed. I'm not actually interested in it (haven't watch it). I was like 'it's probably a movie made by a desperate dude who's afraid of the day of judgement'. But then, I watched the news in TvOne, they were talking about the cycle of the sun, and around 2012 and 2013 the sun reaches its maximum cycle and will affect the planets nearby. And worst, they'll be destroyed because of it. Spooky hey? tobat tobat tobat

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