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Friday, 10 July 2009

Ho to the li to the day

Seems like everybody's having a vacation hey?
I'm not going to Malang, crap. I was going to see Siti, but dad isn't going so, no Malang for this holiday. fufu. I didn't get to see Tania in Jkt and now I'm not going to see Siti. I got no money, I can't go anywhere. sht. They haven't transfer my scholarship money. What a misery.

I just got back home two days ago. I was organizing this training held by PII (Pelajar Islam Indonesia). Very tiring, indeed. I slept only for two hours on Monday night which was the last night of the event. I think, I was half unconcious when I got home. And this is what I did when I got home: take a bath, sleep, pray, sleep, pray, sleep, pray, watch tv, pray, sleep till the morning. I was exhausted. I was half unconcious too when I prayed. ha. But it was fun. To deal with various types of people, to organize such small amount of money. Very good experience.

I met new people and I cooked. When my mum heard of that, she wasn't sure of what the food would like. ha. Shared a lot of stories and laughter. I'll tell you some other time. There are 'scenes' I'd like to share.

Those are the pictures of novel Nida sent me. Love the package and the writing is so Nida.

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