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Monday, 19 October 2009

Being happy is happy!

Okay, I tried to post this since an hour ago and I just got rejected by blogger few minuets ago. Very fun! Blame this Telkomflash, it's effing slow.

Anyway, this probably is going to be my last post for this month, since next week my mid semester exams and I need to catch up fast. So, stop the bragging. I'm really sorry how I love to brag about my life. It becomes my new habbit :S

So, I decided to list things that make me happy, some of them. Here we go.


Things that make me happy:
  • Thinking that I'm going to meet Nida next January! So exciting! I hope the calender academic is right.
  • Having small trivia talks with friends. For example, Doraemon's original colour is yellow and he actually has horns.
  • Listening to Coldplay's oldest album: Parachutes. Ahh, brings back so much memories.
  • Knowing that UNSRI's bus driver are actually concern about students safety.
  • Seeing babies smile!
  • There are a lot of things need to be discovered and mastered.
  • Experiencing new stuffs.
  • Eating rujak in campus! yummy!
  • Friday classroom. I really love the room.
  • I'm starting to save money and going to use it when I finish college. Oh, plans and plans.
  • Making people happy.
  • To know that people actually care about you. Bunch of them.
There are a lot of things that make me happy and I don't need to mention it all. We all have reasons to be happy, no matter who we are. Don't let a problem or person take away your happiness. We live in this world for only a short time then, make it worth, fill it with your happiness. Now find out your reasons and be happy! Cause we have the right to be.

Smile! It's free :)


  1. waaa. rujak. rujak. makes me miss indonesia. and awww.. rasa"nya gue perna ketemu bus driver model gitu. baee banget hehehe :P

  2. sashaa: iy. enak lo rujakny. buat dong di US rujak, haha.