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Saturday, 31 October 2009

Days that are over

Do you know this place?

Finally updating this blog! Actually, I update CYBERSPACE when I'm not updating this one. It's more private. Ah yes, I changed the color of my blog. People said that it was too dark.

Anyway, how's my mid-exams? It went pretty good actually. And as usual, group study! We always have group study when it comes to IC's subjects. Yes, the one that use English. On Friday, we spent like 3 hours in canteen. And, what are you doing, Fida? Studying? erm, actually we sandwiched that between eating, gossiping and copying notes, ha. And a day before, the guys plus Fidel 'studied' at my house. Like usual, it was full of chatting and chattering. We're checking everybody's statuses on FB and checking crushes pictrures. Ubber fun.

Ahh, I still have mid-exams next week. Wish me luck!


Because, no matter how close you are to a person or how well that person knows you. Actually, he/she doesn't really know you that well. You are the one that knows who you really are. Stuff what people said, go follow your heart.

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  1. wuaaa.. what a study night heheheh :p i always ended up fb-ing or twitter-ing if im on my lappy. hehehe :p padahal i got loads of things to do. like now! hehehe :p