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Monday, 21 December 2009

Alone doesn't mean lonely, does it?

Went to cinema after paying my college fee, alone. I watched one long waited movie "Sang Pemimpi" alone! haha. Some of my friends had already watched it and some, want to watch it on Thursday, and I can't wait that long. Crp. Walked around the mall alone wasn't really bad, you can go everywhere you like without someone following you or telling you to go to another place. But mum didn't like the idea of me watching the movie alone, err. The movie was okay though the novel is much better (duh!) and the movie wasn't as motivating as the novel. And ergh, Nazril Irham is cute (just realize that) and he plays really well.

Today was good.

"Kita tak'kan pernah mendahului nasib!" - Arai


  1. woahh sang pemimpi uda keluar film nya, fid? wuahhh. gue gatauuu! i love andrea hirata's books. and boy do i wanna watch the movies. i was greatly satisfied by laskar pelangi. love the picture btwww! and yess, alone NEVER means lonely!

  2. iya tgl 17 kemaren. yes, i love his tetralogy! you should watch it!it worth watching! :))

  3. sediri itu seringkali lebih menyenangkan..

  4. di sini nga ada, fid. --" ah pengen nonton!

  5. just a such romantic movie that is ya!?