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Saturday, 16 January 2010

I know you so well

I watched Sherlock Holmes with Naya and Tini and their college friends last Friday, the movie was good but my feeling wasn't. Ha, me being overdramatic again. I was planning to catch up with Naya and Tini after months we haven't met, but they have plans already: movie. So, I kinda invited myself to see the movie with them, well not really, I asked them first and they said it'll be fine if I come along, so, I came along. The hang out was fine but I didn't get what I intended to. I was looking forward to catch up with both of them, but, I only got the time to catcth up with one of them. I know I can't have me-me time with them since their friends were there and I'm the 'guest' but I was expecting something, erm, let's just get over it. I wasn't feel ease.

Me and my youngest sister: Nadira, had a photoshoot today. I just bought the batteries of my digicam so I tried to take some pictures with my sister. And man, Nadira knows how to act in front of the camera. Haha.

Look at her expression! :)

Well, good thing is, I bought the ticket to Bandung and I'm going this Tuesday. Will meet up with Nida on 21st. I just can't wait. Please God, make it easy. Anyway,


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