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Monday, 12 April 2010

Today's news

Let's just write a normal rant. I kinda screwed up my mid exams grrh, all blame to my own stupidity. Oh, this is just so freaking normal rant. Blrrh. Okay, aren't you sick hearing the same 'bad' news everyday? about this guy corrupt the money and then there's Mr. X and other scandal reveals, about neighbor killing each other, about college students acting anarchist, about poor people dying cause they can't afford a kilogram of rice? I hate all these news. And they even have a special program to 'investigate' all this cases. I mean, I know it's good to let the rest of the nation know that poor people need help and government's corruped, but, not ALL THE TIME! I need to hear some good news, like Indonesian students got a medal from International science competition or a beautiful concert by Indonesian people being held overseas. I mean, they only publish it for less than 2 minuets on the news.

Indonesian people need to hear some motivating news, something that make them proud to be Indonesian. Not the same bad news that's not worth being watched.

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