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Sunday, 15 August 2010


There's 2 things that going on in my life now.

First of all, we got a new family member no, not another baby. It's my cousin who moved in to my house weeks ago since he accepted in meds school here. His older brother moved in earlier since 2005 so, I get 2 additional brothers, haha. And that makes my parents have 6 kids. We're renovating our house now cause we need more rooms to place 8 people in the house. With 3 college students in the house including me, my house turning into the dormitory.

Another thing is that, me and my friends are the selected candidate for LO (Liason Officer) Sea Games 2011. The opening and colsing ceremony will be held in Palembang, so they need LOs. I don't know if we're official or not, cause there's gonna be another selection but I really wanna participate whether to be the LO for the VIP guests or the athlethes and officials. I don't know, they said they'll call us.

That's it all. Will be back to college tomorrow and just had 'iftaar' with high school buddy last night. It was great.

I'm sorry for the late tag replies and everything, just not in the mood for blogger right now.

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  1. happy ramadhan fidfid! please forgive if i have done any wrong to you. :)