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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Hello December

So here we are in December, and the feeling that I-don't-want-this-year-ends comes again. I don't know how that happens but I get it every year. Fine, I'm being a denial, to tell you the truth I don't want this year to end because I don't wanna be 20. To me, December is the first reminder that I'm gonna be a year older in about 2 months. Cliche, I know.


So, if you were on twitter and you're Indonesian, you must know that people are tweeting about Indonesia vs Malaysia soccer match tonight. And somehow, I'm not interested in it. Where's your nationality? Trust me, I've been asking the same question. I can watch world cup or premier league for hours but I can't stand watching my own country soccer match. Maybe I got the idea that every time there's a match, it always ended up chaotic, pfft. Pardon me who has no interest in such thing.

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