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Friday, 24 December 2010

How are you world?

I must say I'm not a good writer. My writings are like a junior high school kid's composition tasks, but I just keep writing, though the only one who's gonna read it by the end of the day is just me. To me writing is an experience, an expression, a recognition, and of course a round-up memories. But then, most of the time I'd like to stare at this blank post area for hours and I write nothing. Nothing comes out. Today, I try to write something; for just to fill your curiosity on my existence or simply just to make sure that this blog is still alive.

I'm on a break, final exam starts on 3rd January and my 6th semester begins in late February. And for days, I've been trying to write something for my proposal assignment on deciding which title I should use and examine for my final project and for the last 2 hours I've only come out with an incomplete sentence that I surely will delete any minuets.

Now, it's time to motivate myself.

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