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Sunday, 9 January 2011

Oh hey, it's 2011!

Last time I post was errm, a year ago krik oh well it's already 2011, so I can count it as a year. I'm not gonna do the run down on what happened in 2010 because in one hand, I have a very short term memory, and in another, nobody cares anyway. But 2010 was very eventful and awesome. I had a resolution, well me and Endah made this 2011 resolution few hours before 2011 through yahoo messenger, haha. There's no need to put it up in here, it was just a reminder on what needs to be achieved, besides, we probably have forgotten about our own resolutions.

Anyway, I've started my 2011 with a busy start; a training and final exams. It's been bumpy but I managed to get through the first week, I can say it's a good start. And to start 2011, I managed to change the look of this blog. I know the title is kinda long; write me notes and post me pictures, but that's what I've been doing in this blog; writing notes and posting pictures. Well, here we go 2011.

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