So I decided to start writing letters, to anyone...

Sometimes Susan, Roselin, or Erie writes but most of the time, it's Fida. mail

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Hello September

Time has brought us to experience new things and meet new people, some of them remain till today. And for the past three months countless things had happened ; the ups and downs.

And I'd like to give credit to myself, for being such a brave a girl that I could be, for swallowing the ego and pride to just talk and be honest about the way I feel. Because I finally realize that being honest and letting out the feelings are much better than trapping them inside. I never regret any single moments, I never regret meeting every single persons, especially knowing and finding out all the details of a person.

Today is September and I give time time, to do its work


  1. i always think (and also feel) that be honest about what you feel is quite hard to yeah merry for you :,)