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Sunday, 29 May 2011

Hello there bus ride!

I got on to the bus this morning feeling proud. I should be proud, I tell myself. This is the first time in a week where I came early and actually on time that I can get a bus. I usually came late that the last bus had already left and I have to wait till 8.00 to be able to jump into the lecturers’ bus or get a ride from someone I know. It should be a good day, I tell myself. The bus’ engine is starting and it’s beginning to leave Palembang.

The bus is pretty small; consist of 30ish people exclude the driver and the bus conductor and I’m seated on the right, next to the window. The back seats of the bus belong to a group of guys who are my junior and their making the loudest noise in the bus, but somehow, I enjoy their laughter. Next to me is also a junior of mine and he is trying to sleep. Fortunately I wasn’t alone, behind me, seated my close friend with her crush and she’s having the best time of her life, chatting and flirting while in front of me are the two girls who already fell asleep as soon as the bus conductor taken their money.

This morning, instead of sleeping, I try to lay my eyes on the scenery around me. I can’t remember when was the last time I enjoy the scenery on my way to campus. Guess, it’s been long. So I let my thoughts wander around, to think of everything.

I look out the window and my eyes are fixed on this bird that’s flying low next to the bus and for couple of seconds I make myself believe that the bird is actually trying to have a race with us, but the bird changed its direction, letting us to win. And my thoughts are still wandering around; at one moment, I’m thinking about how much changes I’ve made since the beginning of 2011, another moment, I’m thinking about how complicated and corrupted this country is and as much as I want to hate this country, I will never could cause you’ll never hate something you’re a part of.

Few minutes before arriving, a truck, loaded with coconut palm oil is trying to take over our bus in full speed, but the driver didn’t see that there’s another truck coming from the opposite direction. The coconut palm oil truck’s driver have to move to the left in where our bus is and we were so close, for split of seconds I believe we’re crashing but we didn’t. My thoughts are still wandering around and this time, I’m thinking about what that truck’s driver thinking. My theory is that the driver is probably drunk or perhaps, his wife is in labor that he is in a hurry, endangering our lives.

And my thoughts wandered again on something I try to not to think about, so I look out of the window and see the two elephants in agro-tourism, eating the grass. Those two elephants are getting skinnier, I swear and they should put them back to their habitat.

Finally, we’re arriving, we’re passing the gate and the first stop will be auditorium and followed by medical faculty. Economics faculty is placed at the back, so we probably are one of the last persons who will get out last. In the faculty of engineering, 2 guys step out of the bus. And I imagine myself accepted in electrical engineering (which is my third choice in national entrance test) and have to be surrounded by mostly the opposite sex: heaven. We pass faculty of mathematics and natural science, faculty of agriculture, faculty of computer science and finally arrive at faculty of economics.

As we’re arriving, my thoughts fixed on about getting myself a good breakfast first then get to the class cause I was starving. My eyes are all over the places, trying to identify and spot people I know and as I step out of the bus, I saw you. You, something I try not to think about, something that’s very distracting, and something I fail on forgetting about. I stepped out, went on the food stall, said ‘Hi’, got my breakfast and then leave.

But, it was a good ride and today is a good day.

Thursday, 26th May 2011, Palembang- Indralaya.


  1. nice :D

    "And I imagine myself accepted in electrical engineering (which is my third choice in national entrance test) and have to be surrounded by mostly the opposite sex: heaven." <<< truly heaven!