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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Letter to the craziest people on earth #1

Dear people,
It's funny how we come across each other, I mean, we know who we were before, where we stood and all that stuff. But, somehow the universe put us together, forming of what we are today. You are the trashiest, the dumbest, and the most stubborn talkers I've ever known so far but, at the end of the day, we know that we never really talked about trash and that you're not really dumb (haha). And it seems like we never get along with each other; we called each other stupid, pigs, monkeys, and other inappropriate names we know but that's just how behave around each other.

Dear people,
I really don't know what happens after we graduated, we're going to separate, going to our own path and catching our own dreams. And just by thinking about that, I miss you already.

Dear people,
Our friendship is not always smooth, there's always conflict here and there and according to my Consumer Behaviour lecturer, sometimes, conflict is needed in an organization to let us become more creative, innovative and dynamic. What am I talking about? well that was one of the final exam questions (krik!). Anyway, if any of us is involved in a conflict, I hope that you always remember the good times we had, the things we've shared, the stories we told and how far we've gone so that you always come back where we used to be and the problem solves as the way it is.

Dear people,
I am really glad to meet you and to have you in my life, to teach me tiny little things and to give me different point of views about life. I'm really glad that I did meet you.


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  1. poor me i just knew about this 'letter' (Y U NO SEND IT TO US?) goddammit. i really .... i mean, u can ... God, i got nothing to be written anymore. simply love it, friend. my best friend, takk :')