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Friday, 6 April 2012

Dear X & Y

Dear X & Y,
It’s really funny how things turn out sometimes, who could you guess that you’re actually ended up together? I mean, man, I never guessed it in the first place. You are both very close to me and I trust both you to listen to my pathetic love life and the life itself and ask you for some advices too. It’s funny that I ask both of you for different point of view yet it comes out nearly the same. I never guessed you’re both would be together. Never.

Dear X,
We first met in semester one of college and getting to know and closer to each other since we are in the same class and ever since then, we spent the time nearly together with our group. During those exam times, we usually spent the time at my house study and you and the other guys would just mock around. I know you as the guy with the biggest mouth ever, you can say the meanest thing about me yet I couldn't get angry with you since it’s true. You’re sensitive for a guy, in a good way. That’s why I really feel comfortable telling you all my stories. Our friendship is not always comes out good, I remember you’re making a gap between us because of your ex-girlfriend and we always tell you how nonsense the relationship was. I know we are all hated by your ex-girlfriend. It seems like I’m born to be hated by my best friends’ girlfriends hey? Haha. Anyway, finally you’re free from the complication and the nonsense and you’re back with us and that’s how your story started.

Dear Y,
My first impression with you was ugly, you came and talk to me with what you called your expressions and left. Now I know that, the face expression is your bad habit. Jutek. But then, I get to know you in 3rd semester and we get closer since then. I feel very comfortable talking to you, you’re a listener. Your love life is something that I and the other guys always make fun of, I mean those protective 3 years? You deserve better. Finally, after those mean words we say to you, you finally realize that you deserve something better and need to free yourself. And here you are, after those tears and bad days, you are once again happy and moved one and that’s how your story started.

Dear X & Y,
I’m sorry I always bug you two for the inside stories during the process but hey! That’s what someone with a pathetic love life needs after all, haha. I’m really glad that you two told me all the stories though it’s kinda hard to keep. I am the happiest person on earth when I found out that you two actually are ended up together. I don’t know why, maybe because finally both of you have a ‘proper’ relationship.

Dear X & Y,
You’re journey is just began and it’s not always be smooth and whatever happens please put aside your egos when you’re in a conflict. I’m ready to listen to all your stories, I’m all ears. There’s gonna be a lot of problems ahead, solve it with cool heads. I can’t wish you for a perfect relationship, I can only wish you, after all those imperfections you guys found in each other personalities, I hope you two still together. Aaah, what the heck am I saying? I just want both of you to be happy and please don’t indulgence too much Twitter Display Affection in my timeline. Show some respect to the single ones, muahahaha.

Dear X & Y,
Shouldn’t both of you thank Tiny Towers and Temple Run? Thank God for an Apple right?

Your effing cute friend, Fida.

P.S sorry for the crappy writings

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