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Sunday, 19 March 2006

saturday night.......

yep, last night i went to the indonesian bazaar * well, it actually for udergraduate students n stuf*. we went to curtin uni to took some pictures...and here it is... dream uni..

i took my own shadow on the way to the

a lot of food there peeps. i ate satay a lot..*yumm* XD. siti came there 30 mins after i came. we just walking around..gosh..most of them are students....anyway, there were lot of bands BUT i dunno what they were singing...i can't even hear them. the drum sound is the loudest. the only songs that i heard are; have a nice day- bon jovi and karma- coklat.

the first band that performed, and the loudest one! can't hear them!

we were daring each other to unplugged that thing, but no one has a gut to do it!

lyke them...eventhough i have no idea what song they were playing, they were playing this indonesian song, but i dunn what's the title.

well, i went home around 9 cuz i'm so sleepy and my eyes were red. there's this guys that acting lyke gay huehuee :) they were so funny!! they were dancing with singlet and boxers..huehuee

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