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Thursday, 12 November 2009

Hey! I'm updating

I have only 10 minuets to post. My brother needs this flash thing. Anyway, I was busied with college. Thank god, no important event my organization arrage, well at least, for this month. So, one major mid exam to go and I feel annoyed. Third semester is very hectic and tiring. Assignments are like everywhere. When one's done another one's coming. No time to breath. Presentation, surveys, dadidadida. Man, it's damn tiring.

I'm enjoying it, to tell you the truth. Like what my friend, Nia, said "enjoy the process, cause you don't know what the result will be" Damn right. So, do enjoy people! Enjoy being student, enjoy the last time being teenager, enjoy mending the broken heart (yea right), enjoy having busy life, just enjoy it.

anyway, I'm off.

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